A “Flying Robot” is a much better name than Drone, UAV, UAS, Quadcopter, or flying blender. They can now do a lot of amazing things because of advanced onboard computers and sensors. What they can’t do is adapt to changing situations or unusual events. For that you need experienced pilots who are FAA certified (Part 61 & 107), insured, licensed, and have years of experience helping business utilize the technology to save time and money. 

One Vue was founded on the idea of helping people utilize the power and opportunities that drones can offer. Whether you're a real estate agent needing to showcase a property in a truly amazing way, a construction company looking for site progress reports, or a farmer who wants to know how they can help reduce costs, we can provide you the aerial flight services and technical experience you need.

One-Vue LLC is Section 333 Exemption and Part 107 approved by the FAA and is legal to commercially fly in the United States. 


Real Estate is very competitive industry. Getting and holding the attention of a potential buyer is a huge advantage. Aerial photography gives you that advantage.

Aerial Imaging

Photography from the air is about capturing images and video from different views. It's ideal for inspections, events, construction, and agriculture. It can give you a unique and valuable perspective. 


One Vue offers all levels of training. We start from the basics of flight control and follow up with with advanced flying through Drone specific and/or Industry specific classes.


One Vue was created to educate consumers and businesses about the proper use of drones.  We take safety seriously at One Vue.  It's not just about being legal, we strive to be safe and smart.  It is more important to know when not to fly than to try for the difficult shot.  We will be smart, safe, legal and insured for every project we take on.  If we don't think we can do it, we will let you know up front.


Paul loves teaching and sharing new ideas.  He has been working in STEM education including robotics and programming since 2008.  He has been an amateur photographer for most of his life and has been an active Drone Photographer since 2013 which he feels is the merger of robotics and photography. His One Vue philosophy is to help students explore STEM through drones.


Garth has a diverse background - software engineering at Boeing, new technologies at Microsoft, outdoor rock climbing guide book author, and small business owner. His One Vue philosophy is to give back to the community which is donating his time to support Mountain Rescue.


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